Ready for love.

So, this person and I have made up. We talked. They cried. I was honest. And now we're back to working on the friendship. However, my feelings for this person have come back stronger than ever. And though this person has someone that is special to them, I've been trying to just be a good friend. I've been offering up my support. But fuck that! What about my feelings? Why is it that I always have to be supportive and sit back and watch someone else enjoy what's supposed to be mine? I'm tired of doing the moral thing. I want something for me. I've been waiting. I've been praying. And I get nothing. It's not fucking fair. I'm tired of being happy for people and watching them enjoy their happiness...with someone else. And I'm still alone. Being the good friend. The lonely, supportive, faithful friend. And it never is enough. I want something that's mine. And I want someone who wants me just as must as I want them. I feel like my 20s are passing me by and this is the only area I'm missing out on...I'm ready for love.

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