Why is it that we have this need to be in groups? This is a question that I've been wondering for a while. It's like we don't feel valid without association with a group. I'll tell you what this stems from. A friend of mine was at my house. She was on Facebook arguing with her "sister" in their not-really-a-sorority sorority. She was talking about she feels so disrespected that her "sister" was talking bad about her and blah blah blah blah. And I asked her, how she could call someone her sister that she hasn't known that long. I know it might be a dumb quetsion, but what is it with these groups of "brothers" and "sisters". Are we that much in need of some sort of familial bond, even if it's fake, on-the-surface, and short-term. I have a group of people around me, but we are definitely not involved in the group-think mentality. You can pick us all apart because we are so diverse. And most importantly, when I step back from the group, I can still find me. And that's all I care about. How bout you???

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