How do you go about trying to find the old you? About 8 months ago, I embarked on a project that has taken over my life, literally. Though it has been the experience of a lifetime, it has scarred me emotionally, mentally, and even creatively. So, I'm sitting here wondering what I used to be like before this; before I unknowingly passed this point of no return.

When people look at me, they seem so impressed. It's rare for someone like me to have so much together. What they don't know is that every day is a constant struggle to keep my sanity. My self-consciousness doesn't help either. So, while I'm surrounded by things I've always known, nothing looks the same to me. Nothing means what it used to mean. And I keep feeling that any moment I'm going to completely drown in my own creation.

How do you go about trying to find the old you? I would look inside myself, but I don't trust my reflection.

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