Lesson Learned...

I just learned a hard, yet what I feel to be, one of my biggest lessons: If you love someone let them go.

I loved someone. In many different ways and on many different levels. But that person, while they love me, don't desire me on a certain romantic level. And I've been trying to be cool with that. And I realized today that this person has those romantic feelings -- for another. And for reasons that I'm not sure I understand, this person feels like their chosen companion is right for them. And I'm thinking they might be right. And I'm cool with that. Unexpectedly cool.

I believe my feeling is rooted in an ideal which I am very happy to realize that I obviously subscribe to: I want for my loved ones what they want for themselves. And their contentment and peace means the world to me. It's like I once heard someone say, "I want you to be happy...even if it's not with me..."

And I hope I've officially opened myself up to receive love, in whatever form, without condition. And that I'll be emotionally ready when the right love comes along.

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