I don't exactly remember how I met TJ. All I know is our relationship, more correctly, our arrangement lasted two years. I don't remember our first encounter, but i do remember immediately being attracted to him. What started out as a simple one night stand, gave way to something that I wasn't prepared for. I was a 19 y/o college sophomore. He a 27 y/o graduate of FAMU. I usually was only into dark skinned guys, like my ex Kris, but TJ was red and obviously the exception.

One thing I can say for TJ is that he is consistent. He always wanted the same things performed on him. I think my need for affection and consistency is what allowed me to get comfortable with our arrangement. He always called after 11pm; from an unknown number. After a few months of us hooking up, I stopped answering his calls until he unblocked his number and allowed me to have his digits as well. There ended up being plenty of times I would call him up and he'd make time for me. And when he did call, I always knew what was up. And I very rarely said no. During my Senior year of high school and my freshman year of college, I was the king of one-night-stands. So, having a consistent somebody was a welcome change.

The routine was always the same. I'd pull into his apartment complex and park my car in the same spot, every time. I'd knock on his door and wait. I knew from our conversations that his roommate worked nights. Sometimes, he got a little ahead of himself and invited me over before his roommate left. It was funny to watch him usher me in his room and make me keep silent until his roommate left. Each time it was the same routine. He'd let me in the front door and no sooner than we turned the corner to his room, his boxers were already off and he'd assumed the position(s). I must say his way of getting right to it, was a huge fucking turn-on. And it was always good.

We only had actual sex twice. Well, one and a half. The first time, I couldn't take it, so we stopped. I would always ask him why he never wanted to go further beyond our oral excursions, and he would say because he was scared of making a mistake. After a year or so of us hooking up, I started thinking that maybe the reason he never wanted to go all the way is because he actually had something. I think my excitement over being with him won out over my better judgement, even though we were always safe.

One thing I loved about TJ is that he loved whatever I did with him. It was addictive. He was a tall guy with a thick muscular build and I loved his body. And I always aimed to please.

But, soon pleasing him grew old. And I started wanting something more. So, threw myself into my Junior year of college and my filmmaking and began to stop answering his late night calls...

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