I haven't been blogging regularly, I know, but that's honestly because not much is going on, lol. Other than me just working on my various writing projects which is a constant process. I just wanted to blog really quick about how I'm feeling right now.

I had a few conversations with some old friends earlier, you know, just checking in. And, afterwards, I was just feeling like there hasn't been any growth in their personalities or their lives - at least in respect to me. It's frustrating because I feel like I'm making changes in my life, but the people that I used to care about are still on the same shit. Even the way they communicate with me.

Do your friends ever make you feel claustrophobic? Like, knowing them is stifling you. Even when you try to raise the level or maturity of your relationship with them and the effort seems to feel stagnated. It's frustrating because I hate leaving people behind, especially when I've fought to give people the priority in my life that they've asked for. But, I just feel like I'm on a different wavelength.

I need to remember that sometimes growing means growing apart. God, I'm so ready for L.A.............


Im going to LA soon, soon. Like you, I can't wait to go. As for your friends, it's OK to step away and come back. Sometimes you just need a lil space.

L.A. is crazy y'all but I'm sure y'all can hack it

that's the story of my life...hang in there guy...

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