okay, i had to come blog about this real quick. is it or is it not refreshing to see some creative black kids on MTV like the ones on the new show Taking the Stage?? I'm liking it. This is my type of show and even though it's still reality TV (which I loathe) it's nice to see something different with some young people of color mixed with my favorite thing in the world: EDUCATION!!!!!!!!!


I love it too. It's about time for something good at MTV

it was a cool show...look forward to watching this show again

I became addicted like on episode one! It is absolutely refreshing to take a break from the Hills and the like.

There is a real drama, unlike the fluff that is the Hills or Making the Band, on this show; and these kids are absolutely talented it is amazing to watch them each episode. It puts a different spin on urban youth, and puts it in a positively light rather than the common stereotype.

I wonder who on MTV had the great idea to say it a worthwhile risk to make, because that person deserves an award.

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