Okay, so I've officially been in L.A. for a week tomorrow. Today was the first day of my internship at a very reputable agency that represents screenwriters, film directors, and authors. The people behind movies like Crash, Indecent Proposal and much more are represented by this agency. I learned so much as an aspiring film director/writer just on my first day. So, it's going great!! But...I need a job, lol! I decided to only do my internship for no more than three months. After that, NO MORE INTERNSHIPS FOR ME! lol. I do have an interview this weekend and I've been sending out my resume everyday like a madman, so hopefully something will come up. In the meantime, I've been setting up some freelance photography work with some local models and some small graphic design jobs to help keep me afloat. I'm crashing with my bestie now, but soon I wanna get back out there in my own place and everything. But, nonetheless, I AM LOVING L.A.!!!!!!!!

P.S. Above and below are shots from the last photo shoot I did in Florida a day before I left for L.A. with this talented model. ; )


Great pictures and Welcome to LA!!

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