I just finished reading about another 11-year old who committed suicide because of bullying. And I'm puzzled. And I'm low. What could make an 11 year old hang himself. How does an 11 year old even grasp the concept of suicide. What the HELL is going on around here? God...I look at my life and all of the things I gripe about on a daily basis and it just doesn't compare. Cause if an eleven year old can't see the point in living when he's barely lived...damn. Just damn. I wonder what it feels like to be an 11 year old nowadays. You know, I used to think I had it rough...


when I heard about the first child taking his life, I didn't read the info or watched any clips about him...when the second one came around I got scared and now the third I had to give in and just break down because this the worst thing that can happen to a child and we as a community need to get a grip on it...

This broke my heart...

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