okay. so i've been trippin lately. maybe you could tell. this whole moving thing had me shook. (if you''re confused, read my last few posts, lol). anyway, i was reminded today that i need to regain my confidence and roll with it. i was reminded by my best friend, my mom, my little brother and even some of the people who comment on this blog. i have to remember to be myself, but most importantly have confidence in my values, my goals, my dreams, and my talents. i think somewhere along the way i got comfortable being the nice guy. being the peacemaker. being the go-to guy. i have a lot of hang ups, like everyone else, that i let people impose on me, and somewhere along the way i started to believe what and how people perceived the type of person i was, even when i knew deep down it wasn't me. i can't even say what i was scared of. being alone? i'm alone now. scared of losing friendships? i've lost more friends than ever lately. maybe scared to show people what i thought were my most shameful qualities. but in the end i've just shown people my weaknesses. they found out how to hurt me and, guess what? they did. but i'm stronger now. i'm not completely there yet, but by the time i touch down in los angeles next week, i'll be ready. that's a promise. i'm driving to l.a. and i'm looking forward to the journey. it even looks like i may get this AWESOME internship which is just up my alley, professionally.

i never thought i had swag before. but for once, i think it just might feel nice on me. thanks and blessings to you all! let's do the damn thing!

P.S. how much are ya'll feeling that new Maxwell joint?? YES, my dude is back!!!!!!!


I think what you feeling mostly is the I AM IN A NEW PART OF LIFE...NOW HOW DO I NAVIGATE? but it'll all work just watch and see...

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