Today I reached out to a former friend. Strictly for business advice.
This was someone I used to consider and think was gonna be one of my
best friends for life. After our exchange I started to wonder how we
got so far from each other. And later I realized the reason: trust.

Anyway, I started to think of the Black men I have met in my lifetime.
I tried to compile a list of "good dudes", but I kept coming up
empty...for the most part. So when I start to think of a partner for
myself, I run into a brick wall. And I wonder, is it me? Am I too
critical? But then I catch myself. It can't be unbelievable to believe
that there is a Black man out there who is a good dude even outside of
my presence. There's gotta be...right?

I have come to a realization: I don't trust men nowhere near like I do
women. But I don't think that's such an extraordinary revelation. I
would like to know why, though. Me, who's always talking about how
indifferent the genders are when compared to each other. I wonder, how
do I explain myself, now?

Speak on it...


I wonder if your lack of trust for men is because you don't trust yourslef. I ask myself that question at times too.

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