So...I've been thinking about what I wanted to blog about today since last night. And I think Ill just talk and hopefully hit on everything that's going on. For one, I started back working on my script that I began at the top of this year. I didn't mean to take such a long break, but it's cool because I can approach the subject matter with fresh eyes now. So, that's good. My internship is still going great. I get to meet some great personalities. And I am slowly mastering the art of networking by the relationships I'm building. I am on a search for a manager, so if you know anyone, RECOMMEND ME!!! I still hope to have an agent by the end of the year, but a manager is going to come first for me.

I get frustrated at my internship sometimes because though I'm dealing with the part of the business I'm interested in, I'm on the wrong side of it. I'm the talent. Not the other way around. And it gets frustrating because I keep looking for my windows of opportunities to change the dynamics of the game, as it relates to me, but so far nothing. I am starting to attend more events here and network outside of my internship. I'll be submitting a piece of one of my films to this film series presented by other Black filmmakers later this summer. I'm trying to get attached to more events like that and just network overall. So, if any of my readers are in L.A.....hit me up, I need friends, lol!

I'm starting to veer back into the hardcore, hit the pavement, publicize at every opportunity filmmaker that I was when I was in Tallahassee. Only difference is this time I don't have a team. Now it's just me. And through a series or personal situations that ended up affecting the business, it was the best thing for me to leave certain people behind. Doesn't mean I don't get lonely sometimes, though. But anyway, I'm trying to find ways to market my projects again, mainly my series MY BROTHER'S KEEPER (shameless plug:, which I hope you've checked out on YOUTUBE and are a loyal subscriber, lol.

I recently reached out to about ten of my favorite bloggers and video bloggers on YOUTUBE that I personally subscribe to and enjoy. I asked these bloggers to watch my series and do some sort of review, whether it be a blog entry or video response, positive or negative. However, it's been about four days and not one has responded to my request yet (with the exception of Xem Van Adams -, lol. I'm on Twitter and I'm reading about these people who have thousands of subscribers and are leading these crusades for more whereas, my tally moves at a snail's pace. It's definitely enough to make you question your marketing tactics...

But sometimes I think SOME of these Black bloggers only utilize their chosen medium to increase their public visibility and social life. Their lives don't seem to be all that interesting. And I think to myself, WHAT ARE YOU WORKING TOWARDS other than just running your mouth? Being a mouthpiece spouting an opinion is easy. Anyone can wear next to nothing and turn on a camera. It's easy to give a spirited commentary on the latest Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal. But what are you DOING??? Other than just racking up the numbers. And then what??? Of course, NOT ALL Black bloggers are like this, some do a great job raising discussions and truly are going to be the next generation's Michael Eric Dyson, Marc Lamont Hill, Cornel West, Keith Boykin, etc., but the rest just make you go hmmm... We all know that sometimes we look to gay people to be the more entertaining bunch - loud, extremely visible and at times obnoxious. Maybe that's the appeal. I don't know...I think I command a more rational audience. Quiet. Thoughtful. I've never been the life of the party. Don't wanna be either.

Anyway, the only thing I can do is continue to promote myself and my films, hope that people can appreciate the messages. I do have to say it's a little harder as a filmmaker to promote yourself online if your face and personality is not what you're pushing. It seems the people who do blogs with their shirts off or post provocative images of other people (or themselves) get the most attention, which is not a mystery to me because sex sells, which we've known for ages. And while you'll find sex, shirtless men, hot girls in my film projects, you actually have to watch to find it. Those images aren't the face of what I do, so people tend to pass you by. Therefore missing the messages therein.

But, I remain optimistic. Tonight I'm the featured guest on a new Podcast a filmmaker friend of mine has started. I think I'll probably be posting it here, so you'll get to hear me talk finally and find out some things you probably never knew about me (I can't imagine what it would be).

But, no matter what, always count on me being myself. Cause now that I've got me back, I'm not letting go again. I'm a scorpion in flight.


i can relate to your attempt to reach out to established bloggers for feedback and/or tips and being ignored. it seems everyone protects their turf & is extremely resistant to even responding to admirers. it just confirms for me that they're all as insecure as i am so i'm finally good with it.

good luck with achieving your dreams on your terms will happen. in the meantime, i'm listening & offering encouragement.

I will be happy to check you out on youtube and give commentary...

keep reaching out...some of us can help

Thanks as always for the support fellas!!!!!

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