I've always been what women want. I'm used to the looks. The stops. The stares. I'm used to the spectacle. Never thought I'd be the sideshow.

And you don't think I notice. When you're throwing rocks in my window. When you pass me on the street, hoping I won't look your way. When you turn down a different aisle in the supermarket, so you don't even have to look at me.

You don't like me. But, you're fascinated. You don't know me. But, you know my type.

And, you know, I wouldn't even be in this situation if these young girls didn't lie so much about their age. Now, I'm branded for life. Like a fucking serial killer or something.

Shit - I'm not a monster.

I just look like one.

Promotional Monologue for VICTIM, the feature film by lamontpierré.


Looks are deceiving @ times...

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