Let's say you were in love.
Let's also say that the person you were in love with "knew" this
But by no admission of yours.
They just "knew".
This person did not feel the same.
So they say.
A classic case of unrequited love.
So they say.
They see you falling
They SEE you falling.
Do they have an obligation
To keep you from falling or
At least
Lessen the impact
Of the fall?
On the other hand
Switch places
What do you do
When you're not the one

Speak on it...


hmmm interesting question @ the end there....I guess there is NO real answer other than catching the person and hoping that you fall for them

'falling in love.' just consider the phrase: "FALLING in love." *ponder it*

when one falls, they tend to feel the blunt descent of hitting or landing upon something hard that can cause injury. falling can be mad painful, yo.

there should be a better phrase for this concept... perhaps FLOATING in love... or gliding into love.

anyway, i digress...

if in the position of feeling someone, strongly, & that feeling is NOT reciprocated, something in me, some pride-driven emotional control mechanism decides i must slow my roll. hard as it might be, it's far better this than the eventual crushing of my heart & spirit.

opposite case: if someone is feeling me & i can detect that vibe from them, i tend to say things like: 'i'm glad we're good friends... because friends tend to last when love-relationsips fail.'

that way i'm telling them not to go there w/ me... because i'm not looking of that same kind of dramatic intensity w/ them. it's a nicer way of letting someone down easy... & provides a kinder net for FALLING w/ that aforementioned 'blunt descent.'


I agree, make it easy

Well, in my experiences… I always love those who don’t love me back or give me a challenge. I have no idea why I do this to myself. I just do. When I read this…I think about letting one’s self go and vulnerability….which is tough. I think overall I would rather fall hard, hit the ground, land on my face. It hurts…but I’ve never been the type who wanted anything altered or easy… I want to feel….Feel the emotions…the rejection…Isn’t that part of the fall…

I'd want to be clear about my feelings and make my self sparce...beyond that I have no responsibility for the other persons feelings...unless they're are someone who I care about as a friend and who I'd like to keep as a friend. Then it becomes complicated...


Dam there is no RIGHT or WRONG way of doing this...Ive been on both sides of the fence, neither side is easy...Especially when you the one falling.

Dam gave me a flashback

Freefall... let go and just experience..

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