Sup everyone....little frustrated right now. I'm putting together packages: a DVD screenes for a film festival for one of my short films, a copy of my feature film script at the request of a production company and DVDs of my indie drama series MY BROTHER'S KEEPER.

But...............My DAMN Macbook Superdrive isn't burning DVDs correctly and I'm really pissed about it. I don't know what's wrong and I'm pissed because I just replaced my DVD drive for the second time last summer and am really not trying to pay for a new one right now.


I also just finished watching Ted Haggard on Oprah and have three words for him:

Please shut up!!!

Oh yeah, and Casey Anthony, I'm tired of you clogging up my favorite political shows on CNN. Please fix that.

Okay, I'm done. It's been raining all evening and I love the sound of the rain. That'll chill me out.

Until tomorrow....


Sounds like an interesting day

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