I figured out why musicians like Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse live the art they present to the masses. All while we look at them and label them as crazy. Yet, these are the biopics we'll go crazy over years from now. I guess my point is that these are examples of artists who really lived. They are, unconsciously, working towards a great biopic about their lives which may not even happen until after they are gone. The more "crazy" their life, the better their picture.

I hear Mary J. is going to be playing Nina Simone. I think that's a great choice.

I want a really good biopic.

I need to go out and start some mess. Or get to livin'. Cause my story is gonna need to win somebody an Academy Award.

What will your story be about?


Ew, Lauryn... no ma'am!!!
Her life story will indeed be one for the ages... unless the cast Miley Cyrus in the title role.
My biopic would be a comedy from beginning to end.

Lauryn may turn it around

artist like them are who they are because the world wants them to fit a certain mold...

I have no idea who would play me..if they shoudl ever make a movie about my life..i imagine it would more of a thrille than an action movie though...

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