You ever find yourself dating someone and at some point you realize
you're not into the person. Not even that the person's a loser or
anything, but you kind of know in your heart you're not into the person,
they're not good for you or whatever. Then you find out or you infer
that that other person is not into you either. You ever find yourself
going, ''Well, what's wrong with me???''

I did that today. Lmao.


I think that's what those of us in Europe refer to as "irony" (note to the US - it's not just a song by Alanis thingumy)...


Nah, I've been there many a time. It's weird, but preferable to finding out that person isn't into you, yet you're *so* into them...

Ha ha. I def know the feeling.

i've lived that feeling for such a long time

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