Okay. I'm tired of negroes nowadays. I was just reading about how Kanye is gonna be posing nude sometime soon (see Perez Hilton), D-list R&B producer Polow Da Don is comparing him and Ciara to Aaliyah and Timbaland (see MTV News) and Ne-yo crying once again that he isn't gay -- via Myspace (see

As a sidenote: Ne-yo, I saw those pics with you in the tight black tank top and jeans with a lip ring, arched eyebrows and glossy lips. So, to you, I say: BOY STOP!

Is humility no longer in the dictionary or something. It's amazing to me all these "artists" and I use that word loosely think we care that much about them based on the ridiculous fuckery that comes out of their mouths. Kanye, I will say is on his way to becoming a musical legend, but he could stand some humility as well. I don't get it. I know that artists have a tendency to be crazy, but come on! These people today be feeling themselves way too damn much. The shit is sickening.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.


just proof that black celebs don't know what to do with fame

LOL @ Neyo! You told her! I would love to have one hot night with her...

LOL! I bet my top dollar that Ne-YO can suck a mean dick! ^_^

I agree with gayte-keeper, sometimes folks can't handle power

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