I've been a little frustrated because I haven't been able to think of anything to blog about. Nothing too significant has taken place yet in the new year that I deemed worthy to talk about. I guess I've got my eye out for what will be my first disaster of the new year...lol.

So, I guess I'll talk about my current mood. I titled this blog "Taking Direction" because I think that if you're on a journey (or a to be in flight as I like to say), you have to have an idea of where you wanna go or even what you want to see. I see many things on the horizon. I am excited at my goals for this year. I'm excited because I've been able to seemingly put many things that used to bother me to the back of my mind.

This year I wanna take risks. What I mean is I'm going to start being more active and come out of my comfort zone. In the past I usually stick with my strong qualities and focus only on those. But, this year I want to expand my palette of skills and talents. And the way I plan to achieve is through hard work. One of the first things I have coming up is my first acting class which starts in four weeks.

Now, I've taught myself the art of directing. I studied and I've had on-the-job training. I love directing and working with actors and am extremely comfortable and confident in doing so. I've been doing it consistently since 2004.

But, now I'm venturing to the other side of the camera. I'm a little nervous. Not scared, but nervous. I mean, what if I suck? As a director, I pride myself on being able to reach and get great performances from the most mediocre of actors. I never used to have an interest in being an actor until about six months ago. But I am intrigued to attempt something that doesn't necessarily come natural. Honestly, I'm not worried about being a good actor, I worry about others' expectations of me as an actor. I've realized lately that my emotions have become more accessible to me. As a director, I know that that it is important for an actor to be able to tap into a given emotion at the drop of a hat. I feel that I can do that. The only thing I worry about is the memorization. LOL.

Another reason why acting has always intrigued me is the ways in which you get to show different parts of your personality by bringing life to fictional characters. It's a very intriguing concept to study to become a new person. And I'm game for new ways to express myself emotionally.

So, up until my first class, I just plan to stay in the gym and keep studying. I'm taking a few classes online before I head back to Tallahassee this summer to complete my last semester at FSU. Even when I go back there I will be leading a much calmer and peaceful existence even though I'm only planning to be there for the summer.

Right now since it's 5am, I'm wishing I could go to the gym and workout. I'm really thinking about joining this 24 hour gym that's right off the island. May be worth it.

That's all for now. Until next time...


Interesting...you can write about how acting brings out different sides of you

I can appreciate your focus, your artistic drive, and the post. So this summer, you'll be transitioning from New York to FSU? Wow, can make for some really good blogs. Stay in the gym, sometimes its the only thing that helps....lol.

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