The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself...especially when everybody is watching.

This is a quote I came across by Dave Chappelle. I have a huge amount of respect for Dave. I know many people think that he is crazy for walking away from an extremely lucrative career with his TV show on Comedy Central. But, do you know how much courage it takes to be yourself? An extreme amount when you really think about it. Sadly, a huge majority of us choose not to seek out that courage.

Anyway, Dave was on the money when he chose himself, his personal well being and state-of-mind and his artistic integrity over the "machine". He is a rare case and will always be a role model to me for that reason.

Be yourself.


being yourself can be painful @ times, but it is worth it...

wow, I love this entry bro, because for awhile I had on a mask and when I finally took it off, I'm loving myself more and learning to deal with my insecurities a lot better.

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