Wrote this one sometime last year:

They say I'm a predater. And they might be on to something. Cause I'm that nothing-to-lose type of brother. I aint got nothing and aint nobody ever gonna give me nothin'. So I takes.

And I see you over there wit your girls. In the club tryna be seen, but not be seen. I know the type. You the one hard as a rock. Think no nigga's game can penetrate. You the type, ''I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't need the attention of any man to make me whole.'' Yeah. OK.

But, what you don't understand is that me getting your attention was easy. Gettin' you in my bed? Even easier. You see I played my part well. Managed to play you right out of your...

So now we here and you actin' like you don't wanna. Man, fuck a condom, I don't give a damn if you don't wanna. Am I clean? That's not what you really wanna know. Cause I truth is I coulda had you on the dance floor.

You may say you care, but you and I know what you aint really sayin'; I know that your game aint tight. That you aint wanna be lonely 2nite. I know that you know that I didn't even really have to try.

So 'no' don't mean a thing to me. Cause at this point you aint got no choice. Think I gives a fuck about a disease? That aint gonna change nothin' for me. You know why?

Cause I'm a nothing-to-lose kind of nigga. I aint got nothin and aint nobody ever give me nothin. So I takes it. And you...well, you just gave it away.

- lamontpierre'


Interesting poems recently posted... I missed out this weekend and I am glad I got caught up on reading one of my favorite Scorpios...

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This piece draws you in, messes with you a little, then throws you out with a smack in the mouth.

The last paragraph is a killer.

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