I have been an Alanis fan since her breakout album Jagged Little Pill. However, I have to admit that with the exception of "Hands Clean", I've been reluctant to check out her later work because I didn't know if the quality would be the same. You know a lot of times artists have a hard time rebounding after that big "breakout" album. I am a huge fan of the JLP album.

But, this morning I woke up mad early and was checking out some of her stuff (along with the Spice Girls, yes, I have a little Spice Girls on my iPod...leave me the hell alone). I also came across this parody she did of the Black Eyed Peas hit,"My Humps". Now, it's a well known fact that I'm always the late one, but I checked it out for the first time and was laughing my ass off! Alanis is a friggin genius! Her version just puts the spotlight on how crappy pop music lyrics tend to be. Her version is an obvious parody, but also makes you interpret the song differently. Anyway, I love artists like her who dare to be creative. Check her out:


I think you should give Alanis other music a chance it is VERY good...the thing about an artist like Alanis is that her music is real AND she isn't about selling tons of albums or trying to become something that causes her to loose herself

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