So I spent this past weekend on set filming a short film by some filmmakers from Jacksonville. It was my first time acting on camera, in a very minor role and I also assisted the crew. It was a pretty cool experience. I enjoyed acting and it was definitely great being back on set, in the film environment and around film types. I actually learned a great deal by not being the one running the production as the director. I was able to see mistakes I'd made on my past projects through from a different perspective - as an actor. The things I critiqued about working with this project, I critiqued in myself and will be more cognizant of on my own productions in the future. One thing I definitely realized is I MISS MAKING MY OWN MOVIES!!! And I can't wait to be back on set filming on one of my projects.

So, on Valentine's day, which I spent alone, of course (lol), I watched one of my favorite films, Love Jones. Suddenly, I got inspired to start work on what is becoming my next feature film script. It's in the vein of Love Jones, meaning it's got that art-house feel to it. I've been fascinated by snow lately and this story takes place in the snow, which I believe can be very romantic weather. I'm approaching my story as though it's a sort of Love Jones 2, though it clearly isn't necessarily going in that direction. But, I figure, what a nice standard to strive for. Lol.

P.S. It's a love story. One of my character's name is Seven and he's a trumpet player. I'm still searching for a title...


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Looking forward to hearing more about this...

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