So, I just left the groundbreaking for a community center that is to begin construction soon in my neighborhood. It isn't actually my neighborhood, but my mother's family who has lived on American Beach on Amelia Island for many generations. This part of my family were descendents of the famous Harrison Plantation slaves.

Anyway, as I was leaving, i was stopped by an elderly woman who had watched the ceremony from her car. She asked me who I was and upon recognizing my family's name, proceeded to tell me alot about myself. She asked me what I had going on and I told her that I was to graduate from college this summer and from there move on to Los Angeles. She told me that she was very proud of me and that she always knew I would make it.

Now, me being ever the skeptic, was very nice and gracious. But, in my head, I was wondering if this lady knew what she was talking about. Then she went on to tell me that she had read about me many times about my movies and such and even remembered attending a local screening I had for my very first project years ago. That surprised me. It also told me this lady may not be totally off her rocker.

Over the years, I have been featured numerous times in the island's newspaper in reference to my film pursuits. This lady then went on to tell me how she knew I was one of those kids who was "often misunderstood" and probably felt that way through college and life, in general. She said that even though people may not be able to "see" me now, in the future they would look for me. She went on to say that sometimes, you have to "let people be wrong". And that people that "have more power have that right" - so I should let them. She said this may mean that you have to put things to the side "because of the inability to break through", but you only do that for a moment - that you will "always return to whatever it is that drives you".

It was sooooo weird hearing this woman speak such truth. I know it sounds corny, but it was like she knew me and had seen a lot of what I had seen. She made me feel okay with my paths. Okay with forever feeling different. She made me see that it isn't always me.

It all reminded me of a quote that I read on Darian's Blog today:

They’ll see how beautiful I am, and be ashamed.

Below, you can learn a little about my family's beach, tucked away on a small island in North Florida.


that's a little scary but interesting to say the least

wow that brought tears to eyes...I LOVE the let people be wrong quote...gonna use that as a blog entry, hope you don't mind...

that was something. that was really touching. I agree with thegayte-keepr, let people be wrong.

great post man.

There's something cinematic about that encounter. I can picture it with lots of close-ups of your face, and hers, and just the sound of her voice and the waves crashing...

Must be the way you tell it.

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