I'm sure you've heard the latest scandal regarding Olympian Michael
Phelps and the pictures of his use of a marijuana bong at some college
party. As expected, America is up in arms about it - after all, this is
Michael Phelps, our American hero. Now, in regards to Phelps part of me
wants to say this is just some White kid who happens to swim really
well. Nothing more, nothing less. Then another part of me remembers
the old phrase ''to whom much is given much is expected''.

So I'm torn with his role to us, the public at large. However, I suppose it wasn't
his fault he's been rewarded with insane amounts of money all from
people seeking to profit from the attention he brings. I blame our
country for putting this kid on a pedestal just because he swims well
and then make an uproar when we realize he's not a hero, but just some
young kid who may or may not be that bright. A kid who is bound to make
decisions good and bad in his young life. The only difference is his
choices wind up on the covers of magazines and news channels for mass
consumption. I think my final thought about him is that he should be
able to do whatever he wants to do. After all, if you're gonna be a
hero of mine I want you to be authentic. I don't want that fake stuff.

Speak on it...


he knew better

though he knew better we have to blame ourselves for treating like a demi-God

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