I don't know what my problem is. I've been writing all weekend, but in the form of poems. I don't know why. Ever since I've settled on the thesis for my first book (I'm writing a book!), I've been writing non-stop - about a range of subjects. I also planning some photography projects. One thing i know has probably been influencing my mood is my decision to skip going back to Tallahassee physically and head directly for Los Angeles. I will finish my degrees at FSU through distance learning by this summer. Since L.A.'s been on my mind more than ever, I've been trying to warm up to the realistic idea of actually living there - at least for a year. I'm also feeling a certain type of way about leaving behind the people I've come to know throughout my college years. It's a necessary matriculation. It's inspiring. It's anticipated....

In my recent days
Art reflects my days with you
Water flows much freely now
And I have flown from you
In remembrance
Of a love coloured in

That I'm wiser
That I'm stronger now some, too
Maturity means no excuses
Veil of ignorance removed
Can't justify to myself
Why I'm still falling into you and I lie fast

Now my memories turn to dreams
New images, a new you
Turning lost prayers into probable hopes
I'd run but I recognize you

Could you be passionate and spontaneous
Could you call me in the middle of the night
Tell me you can't sleep without me
Could you kiss me for no reason
Because you're fixation requires my love
Hold me when we stand next to the water
Afraid I may float

We'll go and I'll have no need to remember
Who you were when you showed up before
While I was still back there
Afraid to dream anew
Caught up in remembering

- lamontpierre'

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