***I wrote this while in NYC in October 2008

Another lonely night.
Another crowded city.
It's raining tonight.
My vision is even more blurry.

Park Ave.
A station I've never been.
Not ready to go home, I dive right in.

I await the subway car
Aiming to take me to God knows where.
I've been there before
But tonight, I don't seem to care

You see me first.
I'm taken aback.
Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing
My maturity says I should be beyond all that.

your hands in your pocket
but your gaze is clear
while your 'fit is aesthetically pleasing
it's your smile that seals the deal

You sense my need.
My intuition, he's telling me no
But your swagger is pullin me in
I'm smiling, I'm open...

Where do you wanna go....?

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