I have been in an unusually good mood for a while now. And I know why....

'Cause I'm reading!

I recently started picking up the books that are scattered about my house and actually started reading, and in some cases, rereading. Anyone who knows me, knows that it's no secret that James Baldwin is one of my favorite authors. If you are not familiar with him, please, stop reading this blog and go find one of his many masterpieces.

Anyway, I was reading "Nobody Knows My Name" by Baldwin, which is a collection of essays written by him. Getting back into books and working on this blog have really helped me put so many things in perspective. Three years ago, I was this person. I was really into myself, creativity and academia. Somewhere along the way I started caring too much about friendships, dating, sex, gossip, etc.

And now I'm back. I have friends, but they're not my life anymore. I guess that's what happens when the friends you have aren't giving you what you need as a person. It's what happens when a needy person, such as myself, is left without his security blanket. You have to maneuver on your own. And pretty soon, even though you still love your friends, you find that you didn't need them as much as you originally thought.

I do need one thing, though:


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