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So, a couple of days ago, I came across a familiar face. And that face belonged to my favorite actor, the talented Anthony Mackie. He was guest-starring on an episode of Law & Order.

I got to thinking about the movies he's starred in, two of them which have become two of my favorite films; She Hate Me and Brother to Brother.

Now, I particularly love Brother to Brother for its direction and subject matter. I first saw the film a few years ago and was blown away by its quiet intensity. It's an art film and Anthony Mackie plays a recently out gay Black man. He develops a friendship with an elder poet which opens his eyes to the world of the Harlem Renaissance while at the same time exposing Mackie's character to poetry. The film also features my girl, Aunjanue Ellis who you should remember for her AMAZING performance as Mary Ann Fisher in the Oscar-winning Ray. In Brother to Brother, she plays the great Zora Neale Hurston.

Needless to say, the film contains some of the most breathtaking poetry including my favorite passage:

"it was almost as tho it had journeyed to meet him
the night was so blue
how does blue feel
or red or gold or any other color
if colors could be heard he could paint most wondrous tunes
the dulcet clear tone of a blue like night
of a red like pomegranate juice
like Edith's lips
of the fairy tones to be heard in a sunset
like rubies shaken in a crystal cup
of the symphony of Fania
and silver
and gold
he had heard the sound of gold
but they weren't the sounds he wanted to catch
they must be liquid
not so staccato but flowing variations of the same caliber
there was no one in the cafe as yet
he sat and waited"

AHHHHH!!!! How fucking beautiful is that???? It's written by the amazing Richard Nugent.

Anyway, check out the film for some moving performances from some underrated talent. It's just a beautiful film.

By the way, Anthony, if you're reading this I have an AMAZING finished feature film script waiting for you! Call me!!!!!

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