So, I'm watching FOX News, accidentally, and I come across a promotional spot advertising what was called a buyout bonanza. Lately, I've been reading various media articles that suggest that this bailout business is going to continue to spread to other industries.

Now, I understand that bailouts are sometimes necessary, maybe even a great concept originally. I understand that without certain industries, our country would come to its knees rather quickly.

But I worry.

The American culture is one of greed and gluttony. We usually do not heed warnings and are reluctant to slow down, despite evident destruction on the horizon. I worry that we're going to take advantage of such bailouts, as we are already seemingly on the point of no return. Especially, when we have not, as a culture, learned to be frugal and financially responsible. What with increasingly numerous examples of what our culture feels about the pursuit of money and fame.

So now I watching Hannity & Colmes talk about homeowners who are missing mortgage payments on purpose to get government help.

To be continued...

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