Hmm. I've recently been narrowing my network. I've recently taken myself off of pretty much all of the social networking sites I belonged to. I miss all of the time I used to spend with myself. Being an avid reader and writer makes you somewhat of a hermit. And I'm loving it!

I'm working on my strength. Mainly the strength to stand behind my decisions as it relates to friends, my relationship, things of that nature. Sometimes when you crowd your inner circle, you start feeling less confident in your intuition which is what comes naturally. Looking back, I'm a little embarrassed at my bad judgement in the people I've let myself come to care about. Time after time , I compromised what I was feeling to placate someone else's feelings. When the whole time I was that one that was okay in the first place.

Solitude helps you make sense of yourself. And my wall is becoming strong. I can't let it get torn down again.

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