This is definitely a random musing type of post. SO, I was flipping through the channel earlier and came across Fat Albert, the film starring Kyla Pratt and Keenan Thompson. First of all, HORRIBLE film. Second of all, I saw my girl, Dania Ramirez in it. Then, later, I was reading one of my favorite blogs and came across another picture of her in Maxim. So, I felt compelled to blog about this beautiful, sexy and extremely talented woman.

I first noticed Dania in Spike Lee's She Hate Me which stars a host of my favorite actors (Kerry Washington, Woody Harrelson, Ellen Barkin, Q-Tip and, of course, Anthony Mackie). Well, in this film, Dania and Kerry play a lesbian couple trying to get pregnant, so they pay Anthony Mackie's character for his sperm, which he only goes through with when he loses his job and his financial situation becomes dire.

Now, the movie is worth the price of the DVD alone just to see the scene of Dania and Kerry have sex on the kitchen countertop. To see two of the most beautiful woman in the world making out like! And I'm not one of those guys that gets off on lesbian action all the time. But, it seems to me that some of the most beautiful woman in the world are lesbians. I'm very attracted to sexy lesbians. But, they have to be confident and don't take no shit. That's sexy as hell to me. But, for me, it wasn't just that they were beautiful. Both of their characters in the film were women who were what I call, "power women" in power careers. That's what made it so hot, to me.

Anyway, the movie also is a fave of mine because it contains some very touching moments. It's a great study in sexuality, politics and relationships.

And if you don't care about any of those things, buy it just to see Dania. ; )

Now, this post leads me to expand on what I find attractive in women. I seem to like strong and/or powerful women. That's sexy to me. When I was in high school, I was attracted to my drum major in marching band, not necessarily because she was hot, but because of how hot it was when she was yelling at I have always been attracted to Hillary Clinton in recent years for that reason. There's something so sexy about a woman who knows her shit.

Currently, this applies to Mrs. Michelle Obama. She is very sexy. You can tell that she isn't a subservient women in the Obama household and that she knows when it's time to show strength and when to allow Barack to take the lead. Same with him. That's what makes him sexy as well; being comfortable enough to let Michelle take the lead at times.

I think that is why I've had so many more female good friends instead of men. I'm attracted to strength in women. But hate weak men around me. A lot of times, I've let weak men into my circle and then been disappointed because, even though they're men, they're not MEN.

It's different with women. When men try to exhibit strength or power it comes off as chauvenistic and/or arrogant, which are turn offs for me. But when women do it, it's sexy. I think that's why I love to see a woman doing a job usually performed by a male. The fact that they can flip it and still get results and respect is sexy to me. That probably explains why my best friend is a female.

My best friend is strong. Stronger than me even. Always has been. And as a man, I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity to admit that. There is something so sexy about my homegirl, not even just the fact that she is hot, but she is quick to tell you how it is, if the situation permits it. She's a professional woman, so she has a more classier and refined way of driving her point across and I have to say, I'm drawn to it.

If I ever choose to get married, my girl's gotta have the traits that I admire in strong women. Strong enough to know what she wants and soft enough to know how to get it.


Man. I so agree with you about Hillary Clinton...don't know if I would go so far as to say that she is attractive....but I do admire her a great, great deal. Secondly, most of my friends are females too and I find it very, very hard to make male friends. My toughness and resilience stems from the women in my family....I've dated weak guys and I just can't roll bruh...I feel bad because I always dis them....I just can't do excuses. The type of women you're talking about in your post will burn the midnight what they have to do...strong...never taking a back seat....I love it...and obviously I can relate.

Awww. That may be the nicest thing ever... what you said about your homegirl :)

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