Okay, so why am I just now learning about Leona Lewis and all of her fabulousness (and fineness)?? I've been listening to "Bleeding Love" and all 5,000 of its various remixes and I freakin love Leona now. WTF??? Have I been under a rock for the past year??? Anyway...

I'm coming down from a great weekend. Think I'll keep the details to myself for a little while, though. lol.

So, I'm thinking about going into teaching. Hopefully, if all goes well with me graduating this summer, I'll be in somebody's classroom this fall. My preference cities are NYC, Los Angeles, & Atlanta.

My best friend thinks I'm veering off of my path to be a filmmaker, by taking this detour to be an educator, but I don't think so. I'm sort of at a creative standstill right now and have been that way since leaving my internship in NYC. So, I'm game for something new. I'm in the market for inspiration for a type of screenwriting that is vastly different from the route I had been taking the past few years. So, I'm just trying to accumulate some more life experience that will hopefully lead me in the new direction that I'm so thirsty for.

Either way, it's time for me to finish undergrad and start progressing towards some sort of stable lifestyle, even if it means putting being a starving artist/filmmaker/writer on the backburner. Besides, I'm not totally abandoning my Hollywood pursuits because I've been submitting to agencies seriously for a few weeks now.

So, we'll see....


Teaching is s very rewarding experience in itself. I had to chance to do a fellowship and teach 5th grade this past summer in Brooklyn. NY. If you do decide to teach, try a charter school. The pay is better and the teacher support is there.

Not only is she gorgeous. She has the voice of an angel. She's amazing. Of course it doesnt hurt she got Clive Davis behind her.

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