I've discovered that one of the great things about having a blog is that I can write about whatever I choose. Today, I wanted to attempt to write an album review for a CD that comes out today.

Having been out of the musical spotlight for a few years, Brandy returns with her latest CD, Human. The CD leaked two weeks ago, so I've had more time than most to digest the material. "Right Here", the lead single prepares you for the type of subject matter Brandy is dealing with this time. I've heard her say in recent interviews, that she feels now that she is an artist with purpose. That's a good thing to hear. The first single is melodic, catchy and inspirational. The second single, "Long Distance" is a classic Brandy power-ballad. The production is dramatic and top-notch and her vocals soar. My favorites include "True" which is a subtle ballad, simple and not as over-produced. "Acapella (Somethings' Missing)" is a very unique track since 90% of it is acapella. This song is my little brother's favorite song on the CD and is his ringtone. So, I'm hearing it about every 30 seconds. Since her Never Say Never album, Brandy has been the best in her field with her vocal arrangements and intricate harmonies. This track showcases just how amazing she is at that as she sings about being "lost in the middle of nowhere". Another favorite is "Human", which, to me, is a direct reference to her car accident last year that resulted in the death of another driver. She sings, "I'm only human...save me from myself". The album picks up tempo-wise around the end, with the standout tracks "1st and Love", about finding love "standing by the street sign" and "Fall".

Overall, this is a great CD, rich in the different aspects of falling in love, staying surrounded by real love, and accepting the flaws that make us all human. As she sings on "Camouflage", "these flaws I've got, they're apart of who I am, take me or not, but I finally understand."

Job well done, Brandy!

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