I just finished watching the latest episode in the new BET series Brutha. I just have to say how much I like this show. And anyone who knows me, knows how strongly I dislike BET's programming. I really like this show, even more than the Keyshia Cole show, though I love that show as well. But, the family of the Harrell brothers is very compelling to me. I just wonder how many families out there would allow themselves to be so emotionally naked on camera.

I guess I can relate to this family because they are one that have dealt with a great deal of domestic violence within their family unit. Myself and my two brothers grew up in a household of domestic violence between parents. It wasn't even until we all became adults that we learned that our household was even more dysfunctional than we ever could imagine.

When you read my works, especially my screenplays, there are traces of my life experiences. As an honest writer, I definitely had to learn to reach my comfort zone by allowing myself to be scrutinized and analyzed through my work.


I think that's the only way to be. Art is life. Great art is your life.


I've heard that Brotha was a good show, but I yet to sit down and watch it...I might have to bring it up BetOn Demand...it looked kind of boring the 5 mins I saw of it, but I didn't think the single wI saw from them was terrible, so I might give them a chance...

It has to be extrememly hard to bare yourself like that on television, but that's what people love, and some of the best work from artist, is the bare and raw essence of themselves in their work... so thismight work for their benefits.

We never realize how dysfuctional we are unti we grow up...ignorance is bliss i tell you!

I enjoy watching it too. My goodness. On just about every episode I caught tempers exploded into violence and chaos. It's always exciting like watching a trainwreck. A little sad too. It's nice to see them make up and show the love they have for eachother. They're so cute and talented. I just hope they get themselves together.

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