So, I just sent off my latest batch of query letters in my search for an agent. In case you don't know, I am a writer and film director. In the past few years, my main projects have been independent film projects, so now I have a catalogue of works in the forms of short films, teleplays for a TV series, and feature film screenplays.

I have a system. I have a list of a couple hundred literary and talent agencies that represent writers and film directors. Every few days, I send off about ten or so inquiries. This includes the query letter itself accompanied by a convenient quick-response postcard for the agent to reply back to me with ease.

The search for a reputable agent is a tedious one. It can be stressful for most people, but for some reason I'm feeling no pressure. I think I will find a great agent who "gets" my work and in the meantime, I get to hone my writing by taking on various writing projects; this blog is one of those projects.

Another thing that I do is actively sending out my cinematic film resume, which is a 20 minute reel of my best work on film. I've worked hard the past three years and now I have a reel that I am very proud of. I'm hoping the hard work connects.


I really hope everything works out for you...I like to hope that people get their dreams come true...becasue maybeI will too one day...I think the real hard part is finding that real true dream and vision...and staying on that path.

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