I'm angry right now. Ok, not really. Maybe a little disgusted.

My mother dragged me to a church kids' Christmas program. I did not want to go, but I went anyway.
Since I'm home until early next year, my mother's been trying to get me
to do some sort of theater production with the local youth at the local
youth center. Anyway, I'm sitting in the program put together by an
acquaintance from my high school days. Firstly, the program starts
almost an hour and a half late. We get through the first half ended by
a beautiful praise dance by five pre-teen girls. Before this portion,
the program has been filled with Christmas speeches delivered by young
toddlers and children peppered with the occasional dance. After the
last one, I turn towards the back of the church to see where this burst
of excitement was coming from. All of a sudden a group of five teenage
boys along with few early twenty-something adult males rush down the
aisle and I hear a voice yelling ''Watch me while I lean!!'' come over
the sound system as the beat drops. The audience is immediately on
their feet. I look up at the front of the church and the boys are on
stage dancing like we're at the BET Awards!!

I was shocked.

Call me bougie or whatever. I looked at my mother and she looked at me and we immediately but silently got up and
walked out.

I was frustrated, but, unfortunately not surprised. Why is it that
Black people always have to turn everything into a freaking party? Even
something like this which is supposed to be sacred. This is a worship,
for God's sake!! What bothered me even more is the statement that was
being made in front of me about Black men and women. The women were
expected to give a sweet, meek, sensitive performance, which they did,
but its ok for the Black men to get onstage acting ignorant and
unrefined. And it seemed NO ONE in the place was bothered by this.
Everyone else was acting like it was a Lil Wayne concert.

Man...this is what's wrong with my people. It's enough to make a passionate person
question what's the point??? Is this where we're going?

To be continued...


Black folks will dance anywhere. The funny thing is that some of these same leaning-and-rocking people will vilify gays and lesbians. Funny indeed.

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