I am afraid of you.
You call unto me, but I am afraid.
Though I pray that you remain steadfast, fearing I may have lost you when I wasn't
Wondering what I would be without you. If you left and never returned.

You take me on journeys reaching levels of divine thoughts.
Venturing through your therapy in hopes for the most truthful of discoveries.
I tend to aim for the most honest of presentations.
I excite at your revelations, anxious to lock them into an eternal
Beheld forever as someone's classic.
You appear in waves, my hand hardly maintaining your pace.
Overwhelmingly fascinated, but I tremble inside of your power.
Now I stand on the brink of your return, scared to lose my mind, to make room for yours.
Praying that you'll be gentle this time.
You mock my weakness.
Forcing a strength that never comes.
Don't lose my hand this time, lest I forget my own way back.

But, I digress.
I digress.

The challenge still awaits.
So, I remain.
Naming yourself inspiration
You smile at my fear.

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